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The Benefits of AVEVA PI Training: Unlocking Efficiency and Innovation

The Benefits of AVEVA PI Training: Unlocking Efficiency and Innovation

In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the importance of digital transformation cannot be overstated. At the heart of this transformation is the need for robust data management and analysis systems. AVEVA PI System, formerly known as OSIsoft PI System, stands out as a leading solution, offering unparalleled capabilities in handling industrial data.

Coupled with AVEVA's innovative approach to training, particularly through its cloud-based training system, organizations can leverage this technology to achieve new heights of efficiency and innovation.

This blog post delves into the essence of AVEVA PI System and the myriad benefits of engaging with AVEVA cloud-based training.

  1. What is AVEVA PI System?
  2. Benefits of AVEVA Cloud-Based Training System

Integrated Remote Operations Center (iROC)

What is AVEVA PI System?

AVEVA PI System is more than just a data management tool; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to transform complex industrial data into actionable insights. This system enables the collection and storage of data from diverse sources and locations, facilitating rapid analysis and optimization processes. What sets AVEVA PI System apart is its no-code, flexible environment that ensures quick deployment and fast return on investment.

The system caters to a broad spectrum of users, from operations engineers to enterprise-level decision-makers, without compromising on compliance with IT policies. Its integrated solutions offer deeper operational insight, expedite the analysis of critical data, and enhance the visibility of remote assets and IIoT sensors. By doing so, AVEVA PI System empowers organizations to operate more efficiently and sustainably, navigating the challenges of industrial environments with ease.

Benefits of AVEVA Cloud-Based Training System

AVEVA's forward-thinking approach to training, especially its cloud-based operator training simulators (OTS), represents a significant leap forward in educational methodologies within the industrial sector. This shift towards cloud-based learning has been instrumental in helping organizations adapt to remote work requirements, a need that became particularly acute during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the direct benefits of engaging with AVEVA's cloud-based OTS:

1. Cost Efficiency

One of the most compelling advantages of AVEVA's cloud-based training is the significant reduction in initial project and long-term maintenance costs. Organizations can save on hardware and software purchases and avoid the expenses associated with onsite IT maintenance and travel costs for technicians.

2. Global Accessibility

With AVEVA's OTS, training is not confined to a physical location. The system's global availability ensures consistent training across all customer sites, enabling swift updates and the dissemination of new training materials across the company.

3. Flexibility and Convenience

The cloud-based system allows for self-study and non-instructor-led training, accommodating the varied schedules of trainees. This flexibility ensures that training occurs at the most opportune times, without compromising other critical tasks or projects.

4. Ensuring Training Continuity

In situations that disrupt normal operations, such as pandemics or other emergencies requiring social distancing, AVEVA's cloud-based OTS ensures that training can continue uninterrupted, safeguarding the health and safety of all participants.

5. Comprehensive Learning Solution

AVEVA's cloud-based learning hub, Unified Learning, integrates with a learning management system (LMS) to offer a holistic learning experience. This platform supports the entire learning cycle, from acquiring knowledge through eLearning and video content to practicing with simulators and assessing skills through integrated evaluations.

Considerations for Cloud-Based Training

While the benefits are substantial, organizations considering AVEVA's cloud-based training should also weigh a few considerations:

  • Subscription Fees: While concerns about the recurring costs exist, the lower upfront investment, coupled with reduced maintenance and update expenses, often results in a favorable financial outcome.
  • Internet Connectivity: Reliable internet is crucial for uninterrupted training, especially in remote areas where connectivity might be an issue.
  • Server Maintenance: Periodic updates to AVEVA's cloud server are necessary but are managed to minimize disruption to training schedules.
  • Reduced Personal Interaction: A potential downside of self-led training is the reduced direct interaction with instructors. However, this can be mitigated through a blended learning approach and the use of technology to enable real-time instructor feedback.

To wrap Things Up

AVEVA PI Training, particularly through its cloud-based platform, offers a transformative approach to industrial education and skill development. By embracing this advanced training solution, organizations can not only reduce costs and improve accessibility but also ensure the continuity and effectiveness of their training programs.

As industries continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, the AVEVA PI System and its comprehensive training methodologies stand as beacons of innovation and efficiency, driving forward the potential of industrial operations in the digital age.

InCentrik's Advanced Asset Monitoring Solutions

InCentrik is at the forefront of transforming industrial operations. Our expertise lies in harnessing the power of advanced analytics and real-time data to revolutionize how industries manage and monitor their assets. Here’s how our innovative solutions contribute to enhancing operational excellence:

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (MD)

Enhancing Performance with Smart Remote Insights and Diagnostics

At InCentrik, we understand the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industrial landscape. Our Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (MD) solution embodies this by providing expert-designed solutions that streamline processes and optimize performance. We offer tailor-made remote diagnostics, backed by a dedicated team committed to constant innovation and proactive support.

AVEVA Partner Network for System Integrators

InCentrik's partnership with AVEVA allows us to enhance our customer support by delivering end-to-end solutions from a single point of entry, expand our reach to new end-users, and combine our capabilities with others in the AVEVA partner network to optimize our services.


With over 50 years of experience, AVEVA is the global leader in industrial engineering, design and information management software. We’ve earned our reputation through innovation, collaboration and the success of our ever-growing portfolio of software solutions. 

Why partner with AVEVA?

A worldwide network of partners with AVEVA applications and support is the key to increasing our service opportunities and growing your business cost-effectively.

As part of the AVEVA Partner Network, we can take advantage of a multi-tiered support system that recognizes our delivery capabilities, level of experience, and certifications with our software and industry-related expertise.


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In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the importance of digital transformation cannot be overstated. At the heart of this transformation is...

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