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Bridge the gap between business workflows and operational technologies.

Designed as a single data structure to help business workflows, normal day-to-day structured processes, and add additional context to operational data.

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Unique Features

Create And Measure Your KPIs

Allows you to create your business measurable metrics or KPIs, from a common metric system into a single location.

Automate Processes

Designed as a single data structure to help business workflows, normal day-to-day structured processes, and add additional context to operational data.

Use a Single Data Source

SmartHub is built to use a single data source.

Designed as a single data structure to automate your business workflows with operational technologies.

Own All of Your Data

With SmartHub, InCentrik does not own any of the data, all of your system's data remains local. 

You have the authority to make changes and can extend the capabilities of SmartHub and related applications.

Integrate with Applications and Connections

Connect to hundreds of siloed data sources.. Don't settle for less when you can have it all.

SmartHub Connectors include OSIPi, GE, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power platform, SAP and more!

Deploy Around The Globe

SmartHub can be deployed in 28 regions around the world and can support most languages.

Deploy your solutions in multiple regions across the globe and comply with local privacy regulations.

Trusted Partners

SmartHub is built with trusted applications and products that extend the PI System and Microsoft infrastructures.

SmartHub Shift

Standardize, organize, and visualize your operations!

SmartHub Shift manages business operations better by integrating all the critical functions like logs, handover, checklist, downtime, safety, compliance, and communications.

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SmartHub OEE

Make business decisions smarter by understanding your efficiency and identifying bottlenecks

With SmartHub OEE you can connect to all your data, analyze data in real-time, and visualize the data anywhere in the world.

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SmartHub Permits

Digitize the entire permitting process, from area-specific permit setup to issuing to permit closeout or reissue.

With SmartHub Permits, you can manage the entire work permitting process for each of your company's sites.

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SmartHub Rounds

With SmartHub Rounds, you can manage data entry for all field operations.

Use a mobile, online, and offline-capable app to manage and automate data entries for all field operations.

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SmartHub PI

Leverage your PI System in your business workflows with SmartHub PI.

Analyze, visualize and share large amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from multiple sources to people and systems across all operations.

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SmartHub LIMS

Collect, handle, interpret, and manage your lab data.

Easily manage your lab data, resources, and workflows for real-time quality control; drive automation by connecting your sample data entries, instrumentation, and systems.

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SmartHub Batch

Automate and manage your batch data logging process, with SmartHub Batch.

Have a more efficient and controlled platform for your batch data while tracking your plant's performance.

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SmartHub +
Microsoft Teams

It can be difficult to constantly learn and integrate whole new systems into the ones you already use.

SmartHub works with Microsoft Teams so you can jump in and use it without having to figure things out as you go.

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SmartHub Nominations

SmartHub Nominations allows you to focus on the specific items that need your review and auto-approve items that fall within limits you set, and easily integrates with Microsoft Approvals to help maintain an efficient and effective workflow.


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Your Benefits with SmartHub

This solution enables your manufacturing facility to bridge the gap between OT and IT to provide simple enough solutions for easy adoption while maintaining world-class IT security.


Improve Team Agility

Makes your production team agile and resilient in times of crisis, and even more so in normal times

Eliminate Risk of Exposure

Reduces physical connections with contract employees which eliminates risk of exposure

Digitally Hand-off Shift Information

Allows your front-line operations team to digitally hand-off shift information

Digitize Processes

Transform legacy, paper-based systems into fully digitized processes (i.e. permitting, shift logs, shift checklists).

Influence Key Processes

Take all of the centrally located data and model it to show KPI's and other related business information to influence key decision-making  processes

Work And Communicate Anywhere

Easily allows you to incorporate and implement any solution across an organization.

Connect More Data Sources

Is your data in a silo? SmartHub Connectors can connect to hundreds of silo data sources

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How can SmartHub benefit your industry?

SmartHub can benefit your industry by staying on track with your fixed plan for production, including industries such as:

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Start Using SmartHub Today.

Contact us to get more information on how to start using SmartHub.

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