SmartHub OEE

Make business decisions smarter by understanding your efficiency and identifying bottlenecks.

Connect to all your data, analyze data in real time and visualize the data anywhere in the world.  

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SmartHub OEE | InCentrik
How Your Team Benefits

Improve Productivity

SmartHub OEE enables continuous improvement resulting in increased efficiency and productivity through a platform.

Thus giving access to detailed production data, visualization tools as well as the right tools for decision-making.

Improve Quality

SmartHub OEE enables analysis of data from quality related disturbances on machine, product or order level.

Thus turn having a direct impact on OEE when reasons for quality issues can be quickly identified and fixed.

Get Full Control

SmartHub OEE enables real-time production information for all levels in the organization.

Distributed reports and powerful analysis tools give full visibility and control of the performance of the manufacturing process at any time.

SmartHub OEE | InCentrik

Monitor and Optimize Production

SmartHub OEE utilizes a real-time analysis engine to calculate in-line OEE.  This empowers managers and operators to: 

  • Locate failures in the manufacturing process

  • Check asset availability

  • Establish an OEE metric per machine, part or order


Locate Common Causes of Down-time

Help managers locate common causes of down-time through integrating real-time production information into your present and future digital manufacturing environment.

SmartHub OEE | InCentrik
SmartHub OEE | InCentrik

See The Production Status in Real Time

With SmartHub OEE, you can see the production status in real time – either on large displays in the factory, at workstations or from mobile clients – and also as timely distributed reports.

This increased transparency and availability of information allows the organization to focus even more on value adding improvement work.

Analyze and Report

SmartHub OEE provides powerful and easy-to-use tools for analysis of production information.

With a few clicks you can scrutinize information covering the whole of production as well as drill down to department, machine, order or part level.

Combining a comprehensive set of standard reports and a flexible report generator, SmartHub OEE can always supply your organization with timely and relevant information for decision-making on both improvements and investments.

SmartHub OEE | InCentrik
SmartHub OEE | InCentrik

Connect Hundreds of Data Sources

Is your data in a silo?

SmartHub Connectors can connect hundreds of data sources. Don't settle for less when you can have it all.

SmartHub Connectors can connect to hundreds of siloed data sources-

  • SAP

  • JD Edwards

  • OSI PI and OSI PI AF

  • GE

  • Kepware

  • Matrikon

  • Rockwell Allen-Bradley

  • and many more!

How can SmartHub OEE benefit your industry?

SmartHub OEE can benefit your industry by staying on track with your fixed plan for production, including industries such as:


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Improve Mobility

Accessing the SmartHub OEE Everywhere Via the Mobile Plaform

InCentrik's SmartHub OEE puts the factory at your fingertips and gives a complete overview of the production.

No matter where you are, you can handle the reporting of incidents on the go and subscribe to alerts that will notify you of new incidents relevant to you.

SmartHub OEE | InCentrik
Why Is SmartHub OEE Good For Your Company?

"We better understand which equipment we need to work on first."


"We can now integrate OEE data with our ERP system."


"Before we were calculating manually each month, now we can calculate OEE in real-time"


"We improved our customer deliveries because we can plan more accurately"

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Start Using SmartHub OEE Today.

Contact us to get more information on how to start using SmartHub OEE.

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