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Through Digital Transformation

Leverage More Value with Greater Efficiency and Technology

A Paradigm Shift Beyond Physical Infrastructure

InCentrik brings the tools and technology to drive operational efficiency and ensure product quality not only on the plant floor but beyond the factory walls, helping you to optimize all aspects of your operations. From logistics to data management to customer care services, InCentrik offers a one-stop-shop solution through SmartHub.

Level Up Your Organization

With a range of innovative features like automation, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics, deep data visualizations, and integration among all of your applications, SmartHub is a one-of-a-kind system management tool that can take your organization to the next level.

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Never Stop Moving Forward

Beyond SmartHub, InCentrik’s expertise and consultation gives even more insight into controlling your workflow by identifying and solving potential bottlenecks while recognizing opportunities to improve your operations.

This approach not only prevents workplace crises but keeps production moving whilst improving.

Automate Your Systems to Join the Factory of the Future

InCentrik maneuvers automation and digital transformation with you so you don’t have to figure it out alone.


Our tools, technology, and expertise give you the power to lower operational costs, minimize workplace hazards, and increase the quality and consistency of your production output, all the while optimizing efficiency throughout your entire organization.


Reduce factory lead times.

By keeping your process in-house, you’ll have more control and significantly lower lead times as opposed to outsourcing or going overseas.


Swift Return on Investment.

Based on your unique goals, InCentrik offers automation solutions that pay for themselves quickly by increasing output and decreasing operating costs.


Be More Competitive.

Improving cost-per-piece and lowering cycle times gives you the competitive edge to compete and exceed the capabilities of your competition.


Increase Output.

Combining InCentrik’s expertise with robotics technology gives you the potential to produce higher volumes of output with greater efficiency and control.


Save Money and the Environment.

Automation uses less energy by streamlining your processes, which saves you money, as well as reducing scrap and using less space.


Constantly Improve.

InCentrik provides ongoing support to give you continual advancement of your operations, leaving very little room for variability. This means a more consistent product quality through better control of workflow.

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Bridge the gap between business strategy with operational workflow

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