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Why Migrate to PI Vision?

In 2020, OSISoft announced that they were phasing out of PI Processbook, and in 2022 they will no longer continue to provide security updates for Processbook. PI Vision provides a browser-based experience, removing the need to install software on each user’s laptop.

InCentrik’s Roadmap for Migration:

Don’t worry, InCentrik has a roadmap to handle your entire migration, making the transition simple and easy.

  • Employees discussing plans


    First, we will meet to establish a foundation for moving forward, including aligning expectations and identifying key aspects of the migration such as the work environment, user responsibilities, etc.


  • pi vision install


    Next, we install and set up the program or update to the latest version if necessary.



  • Employees discussing findings


    We then collect the information needed to make the migration and organize that information before running the migration.



  • pi vision migration

    Training & Rollout

    At this point we begin training the users of PI Vision, identifying the unique needs and making improvements where necessary over a period of time to establish proper use and implementation of PI Vision.


  • pi vision support


    Finally, we continue to provide support by answering questions and addressing ongoing issues, ensuring that the migration was a success and that organizations can continue to leverage PI Vision to continually improve and move towards organizational goals and objectives.

Advanced Data Security

PI Vision leverages Windows Integrated Security as implemented by the PI System, giving all your users secure access to the data they need with one simple installation and no special software on users’ machines.

PI improves security by moving data off the control network and reducing the total users on the control network.


Complete Access to PI System Data

With PI Vision, you can obtain the PI System data easily from anywhere on any device.

PI Vision supports mobile browsers with customized views for smaller screens, and the majority of ProcessBooks will be kept in the new format, so your data won’t be lost in migration.

InCentrik Makes It Easy For You.

We can migrate your displays with accuracy and simplicity.

All current PI Processbook displays need to migrate over to PI Vision based on PI's newest standards so that companies stay up to date with technology.


PI Vision allows users a quick and easy way to share displays and encourages collaboration across the enterprise.

PI Vision also enables organizations to gain even more insights and drive new innovations by combining PI Vision displays with other web applications.

PI Vision allows new displays to be created in seconds using click-and-drag mechanisms.

Display objects auto position and self-configure to make display creation even easier, and with PI Vision you keep the ability to build private displays and create Ad-hoc tends.

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