Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics (MD)

Enhancing Performance with Smart Remote Insights and Diagnostics

Revolutionize Your Operations with Advanced Remote Monitoring

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Our dedicated team delivers tailor-made remote diagnostics, ensuring constant innovation and proactive support for unparalleled operational excellence.



Data Integration
& Analysis


HeatRate MD: Optimize Power Generation

Maximize your plant's efficiency with our HeatRate MD solution.

InCentrik combines advanced analytics and real-time dashboards to elevate your power generation performance, ensuring cost-effectiveness and sustainable practices for industry leaders.

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Maximizing Power Plant Efficiency with InCentrik HeatRate MD (1)

PI MD : Data Mastery at Your Fingertips

Harness the full potential of your infrastructure data with PI MD.

Our system not only monitors the health of your PI components but also enhances operational insights, ensuring swift problem resolution and optimal system performance in any environment.

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Bearing MD: Precision Monitoring, Unmatched Reliability

Elevate your machinery's lifespan with Bearing MD.

Specialized in monitoring and diagnosing bearing conditions, our solution integrates deep analytics to prevent failures, boost efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs across various equipment.

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Empowering Predictive Maintenance with InCentriks BearingMD-1

Valve MD: Smart Control for Peak Performance

Transform valve management with Valve MD.

This intuitive tool offers detailed analytics and health monitoring of control valves, empowering you to anticipate issues, optimize functionality, and achieve superior control in your operational processes.

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Compression MD: Streamlining System Efficiency

Revolutionize data handling with Compression MD.

Focused on optimizing PI system compression and exception settings, our system intelligently balances data integrity, storage efficiency, and retrieval speeds, tailoring solutions to your unique data landscape.

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