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Monitoring and Diagnostics with Valve MD

Monitoring and Diagnostics with Valve MD

If you are a process engineer, you know that monitoring and diagnostics is critical to keeping your process running smoothly. Valve MD is a great tool for monitoring and diagnostics, and it can help you identify and troubleshoot issues with your process quickly and easily.

In this blog post, we will explore the features of Valve MD and how they can help you improve your process operations.

  1. What is Valve MD?
  2. How does Valve MD work?
  3. Features
  4. Deliverables
  5. Valve MD with PI Vision 
  6. Benefits

Integrated Remote Operations Center (iROC)

What is Valve MD?

Valve MD is a revolutionary solution that helps users track and analyze their control valve data and monitor the valve's health condition. With Valve MD users can understand and monitor the health of all their control valves.

Maximize the value of your current investment 

InCentrik's Valve MD solutions utilize the analytical capability and data hierarchy of the Aveva PI system and Asset Framework.

ValveMD | InCentrik

How does Valve MD work?

InCentrik utilizes complete maintenance records and monitors control valve performance during normal process operations, creating opportunities for improving plant integrity, efficiency, and uptime.

How Are Control Valves Automated? 

In a more sophisticated system, the valve can be operated by a control system that automatically adjusts the valve position in response to system operating conditions to maintain steady state control. Control valves typically have digital outputs that feed into the control system.

  • .PV - current position of valve
  • .SP - set point
  • .HART - additional position feedback
  • Mode - manual vs automatic control state 


Track and analyze data

Track multiple valves across your system and give operators an instantaneous understanding of the system's performance and health condition. 

Real-time PI Vision displays

InCentrik can determine if the valve is working in a healthy state or if the valve is performing poorly and must be operated manually by an operator through realtime PIVision displays. 

Improve valve system health

A healthy valve control system decreases operator error, increases system efficiency, increases plant yield and quality, and generates revenue. 

Employ machine learning

Implement a valve output estimation model with InCentrik's machine learning algorithms and compare to actual valve output to spot valve health issues early.


Valve MD offers the following deliverables:

  • PI Asset Framework (AF) Elements (1 per Valve monitored) with analysis.
  • PI Vision Summary Display(s) to view many valve health monitoring results.
  • PI Vision individual valve dashboard - show details of metrics along with key plots.
  • Data regression package to establish a baseline for valve output tracking. Monitoring by qualified individuals to provide actionable steps to improve valve performance. 

Valve MD with PI Vision 

Valve MD provides real-time displays to display data, operated by OSISoft's PI Vision software.

Valve Health Summary Dashboard

The dashboard display includes a summary page with all the valves included in the system, showing those valves in an alarm state. Each valve graph can navigate to a detailed monitoring display for an individual valve, showing key performance indicators and individual valve operating models, where applicable.

InCentrik provides a monthly health check on all valves enrolled in Valve MD 

Process Control Loop Monitoring

Plot the Setpoint values (SP) and Process Variable (PV) over time to identify how these relate 

Valve Output model

Use the PV to build a model for the valve output, and see when it deviates.


Some valves have valve output positioners that will indicate the valve position. 


Some benefits of that Valve MD delivers include:

Improve Plant Safety 

Valve MD helps operators to understand and monitor the health of all their control valves, reducing errors and improving system performance.

Verify Proper Installation and Calibration 

Valve MD helps operators to confirm the valves have been installed and calibrated correctly, ensuring plant safety.

Implement Predictive Maintenance strategies  

By monitoring valve performance, operators can identify and correct problems quickly to reduce downtime.

Improve Plant Performance  

Valve MD helps operators understand what’s happening with their control valves and make necessary changes to improve the overall performance of the plant.

Track and analyze your control valve data today

Contact us to learn more how InCentrik can help you track and analyze your control valve data and monitor their health condition.

InCentrik's iROC (Integrated Remote Operations Center)? 

iROC (Integrated Remote Operations Center) is a centralized location from which an organization can remotely manage and monitor its critical operations in real-time. iROC allows organizations to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve security by consolidating multiple remote operations into a view.

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