Our customers have both legacy and modern control systems. The biggest challenge they face is knowing how to maintain the life cycle of a control system. InCentrik's System Reliability Program can extend the life of any system, therefore saving substantial capital investments. InCentrik implements and supports a variety of proven technologies. Our rapid implementation and deployment of control applications leverage best-in-class engineering practices and control philosophies to keep projects on budget and commissioned on time.

Smart IT

InCentrik is a leader in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Due to the demand of data by untraditional consumers, every dataset should be secured with the tightest level of controls, all the while maintaining operational feasibility. InCentrik's industrial IT security specialists and engineers can assess and detect vulnerabilities in any network topology. The health of the network is continuously monitored and once a threat is detected, the network will automatically notify the necessary personnel to mitigate the risk.

Smart Connect

Manufacturing customers have tons of data. It resides on manual operator logs, disparate automation silos and geographically challenged asset locations. SmartSite simplifies the data infrastructure by connecting to the data wherever it may reside. It can connect to any open and most proprietary protocols and can consume data in any format. Big data collection made simple!