InCentrik + Pattern Discovery

InCentrik's partnership with Pattern Discovery allows us to provide our clients with advanced data quality solutions that are critical to their operations. 

Pattern Discovery is a pioneer in the field of data mining and predictive analytics.  They are the creators of CompressionInsight, a unique software tool that improves data quality by providing automatic recommendations for optimized compression settings in the OSIsoft PI System.

What is CompressionInsight?

CompressionInsight™ is an automated tag tuning and tag behavior identification software for the OSIsoft PI System that improves data quality by providing automatic recommendations for optimized compression settings.

The software analyzes an uncompressed data feed to the PI server (raw snapshots) and compares this signal to recreated archived values (as currently configured in the PI System).

CompressionInsight is a product of Pattern Discovery Technologies, a pioneer in the field of data mining and predictive analytics. Founded in 1997, the company delivers products and services that harness the power of industrial data for advanced analytic purposes.

What does CompressionInsight do?

1. Calculates data retained by determining how much information would be retained in the PI archive and express this as a percentage of the raw snapshot information.

2. Offers an optimized recommendation for revised compression and exception parameters considering the balance between Data Fidelity and data storage.

3. Store data efficiently and effectively establishing a high degree of confidence in the data stored while minimizing performance issues due to bandwidth and data storage.

4. Automatic recommendations are made for both over-compressed tags (removing too many data points) or under-compressed tags (retaining too many data points).

Data Fidelity

Benefits of using CompressionInsight include:

An unbiased data-driven approach which allows the user to evaluate these compression settings using the dynamic nature of the original signal

OSIsoft PI System integration so that PI tags can be automatically updated from the software or the information can be shared in report format for collaboration and updating offline using PI Datalink

Confidence in performing downstream analysis, knowing that the compressed data accurately reflects the characteristics of the original PI tag signal

InCentrik and Pattern Discovery

"InCentrik's partnerships with Pattern Discovery allow us to provide our clients with advanced analytics solutions that are critical to their operations.

Through the partnership, we can harness diagnostic and predictive analytics to enable greater operational efficiency and deeper insight."

– Steve Bogan, President, InCentrik

CompressionInsight Saves

Process Engineering and Data Admin Time

To set compression tags manually requires a significant amount of input from subject matter experts.

CompressionInsight™ not only saves the time that admin would spend but also the money that would have been spent compensating them for that time.

Collaboration on Proper Settings

CompressionInsight™ automatically provides the output required for team collaboration so that subject matter experts don’t have to meet or manually prepare evaluation reports for consideration by team members.

Disk Storage and Retrieval Performance

CompressionInsight™ prevents large storage costs and saves the time that would have been required to retrieve the data for reports and analysis, stopping bottlenecks in accessing important information for process improvements.

Network Bandwidth

Exception tests are performed at the interface and exception settings can have a significant impact on bandwidth usage.

CompressionInsight™ minimizes network bandwidth usage, so for remote locations, this can save a lot of money in data communication.

Data Fidelity

CompressionInsight™ provides concrete evidence and visual feedback, which greatly increases the confidence levels in archived data and prevents the loss of the original signal’s true characteristics.

Centralized Compression Evaluation

For organizations with multiple historians in different locations, all tag tuning can be done from one central location with CompressionInsight™, eliminating the need for travel, extra expenses, and associated labor costs.

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