OSIsoft Brings the Software. InCentrik Brings the Solutions.

Maximizing customized solutions that meet your needs.

InCentrik + OSISoftAs an OSIsoft Premier Solutions Partner, InCentrik maximizes the software by customizing service models to bring the best end result. 

By combining product experience, industry knowledge and technological expertise, Incentrik's collaboration with OSIsoft advances your company forward. 

We are Solution Providers.

Yesterday's problems are today's solutions.

InCentrik goes beyond just helping your company set up, configure, and maximize the value of the PI System. Instead, our partnership empowers us to bring the total solution to our clients.

  • We prioritize relationships built on learning and understanding your company's business needs, pain points, and objectives. 

  • Through leveraging our expertise and tools, we tailor solutions that successfully align with your strategic initiatives.

  • We work with you to create the best-in-class technical solutions that extend the value and expand the knowledge of what is possible.

InCentrik is now an OSIsoft Premier Partner - Endorsed System Integrator

The Premier Partner tier recognizes partners that have a track record of driving business value through successful customer engagements.

OSIsoft believes that InCentrik is critical to the success of our mutual customers.

Our ability to quickly demonstrate value, cutting-edge learning and superior client engagement set our partnership with OSIsoft apart.  

"In my experience, InCentrik knows how to get the most value out of PI for my customers." - Sherwood Pilgrim, OSIsoft Account Manager

The Solutions

As a OSIsoft Premier Partner, InCentrik focuses in:

  • Automation and Control system services

  • Data Analytics 

  • Data Historians and Data Collections

  • Data Visualization 

  • Dashboards and Reporting

Building Applications to be PI System Ready

As an OSIsoft System Integrator Partner, InCentrik is enabled to build:

PI Cloud applications

Build new PI System applications on OCS—OSIsoft's scalable, multi-tenant cloud database platform as a service.

PI Core applications

Use our developer technologies to build custom applications and integrate PI System data with reporting and analytics platforms, geospatial and maintenance systems, and more.

OMF/EDS applications

Use the PI System’s latest technology to build applications that run at the edge. Send data from remote locations to PI Core or PI Cloud.

Unlimited Capabilities World-Wide

As an OSIsoft System Integrator Partner, InCentrik delivers solutions to many industries, including:

  • Chemical

  • Data Center

  • Discrete Manufacturing

  • Engineering Services

  • Information Technology

  • Oil & Gas

  • Power Generation

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Water & Wastewater Management

InCentrik and OSISoft

"InCentrik's partnership with OSISoft allow us to provide our clients with advanced analytics solutions that are critical to their operations.

Through the partnership, we can harness diagnostic and predictive analytics to enable greater operational efficiency and deeper insight."

– Steve Bogan, President, InCentrik



The Power of Working with the OSIsoft PI System

InCentrik experts facilitate OSIsoft's installation, commissioning an update process along the way. By partnering, we can harness diagnostic and predictive analytics to enable greater operational efficiency and deeper insight.

Complete. Off-the-shelf. Ready to implement. The PI System delivers value. Fast.


Broadly compatible. Scalable. 450+ interfaces and connectors. Web APIs for full customization.


40 years of global leadership. 20K+ customer sites. 1600 success stories. 300+ engineers.


Assessed and verified. PI System security is backed by years of independent expert assessments.

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