Integrated Remote
Operations Center (iROC)

Seamlessly integrating operations for business success

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Align operations and business intelligence with industry-leading collaboration

Our multi-industry experts build and maintain custom solutions, provide around-the-clock support, and drive continuous improvement towards a common goal.

24/7 Support

Multi-Industry Experts
Use Cases

& Visualization


Always On Global Support

Receive on-call, global support 24/7 to quickly resolve issues from wherever you are.

By using iROC, organizations can improve their responsiveness to critical incidents by providing a centralized location for monitoring and managing incident response.

  Basic iROC Support

  • Training
  • Upgrades
  • Infrastructure Health Score
  • Notifications
  • Annual Planning
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Maturity Matrix
  • Security Best Practice

  Proactive iROC Support

  • Monitoring Critical Covered Systems
  • Best Practices and System Recommendations
  • Bi-Weekly Sprint Meeting

  On-Call Support

  • Emergency Support for After hours, Weekends, Holidays
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Building the Digital Twin

Seamlessly organize your data infrastructure for better visualizations and effective decision-making.

iROC can improve communication and collaboration among distributed teams by providing a common platform for information sharing and decision-making.

  System Data Build

  • Data Structure Model
  • Governance Plan
  • Templates
  • Attribute Assignments

  System Visualization

  • Standardization
  • Visualization Templates based on Data Structure
  • Migrate from Legacy 
  • Reporting
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Automating Critical Processes

Increase operational efficiency through digital transformation and real-time data integration.

With operations often disconnected across sites, iROC can help organizations maximize operational effectiveness and reduce cost by consolidating into a single view of your business.

  Use Case Discovery Meetings

  Technology Stack Review

  Digital Transformation Offering

  • Solutions and Applications
    • ACMR - Asset Management and Condition Monitoring
    • Process KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)
    • Shift and Handover processes
    • Alarm Management
    • Electronic Log - ELOGs
    • ...and more!
  • Data Integration with Internal and External Data Sources
    • PI
    • Aspen
    • Proficy
    • Excel 
    • Ignition
    • ...and more!
  • Low Code-No Code Development for Citizen Developers

Creating My Space

Develop personalized work environments for timely, accurate, and relevant data.

iROC can improve situational awareness by providing real-time visibility into the status of critical operations.

  Personalized Workspace

  • Information Dashboards
  • Self-Service Reporting
  • Standard Reporting
  • Collaborative Workspaces

  Personalized Workspaces

  • Desktop - Self-Service Workspace Management
  • Mobile - My Dashboard Available Anytime

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