Data Management

What is data management?

Data management is the practice of gathering, storing, and utilizing data or information safely and efficiently.

Why is data management important?

Data management is important because it helps people and organizations optimize the use of data so that they can make strategic decisions and take specific actions that maximize the benefit to the organization and minimize any risks or shortfalls.

A properly maintained data management program also gives organizations an advantage over their competition by improving the performance and efficiency within the interior of the organization and allowing business leaders to identify and capitalize on new opportunities and trends before their competitors.

Moreover, proper management of data protects privacy and prevents data breaches that could ruin an organization's reputation, resulting in a PR nightmare.

What is data access?

Data access is the ability to obtain, change, copy, or move data at request from a stored database of information with proper authorization/credentials.

Data access protects organizations, governments, and individuals’ privacy from unauthorized access, modification, or exploitation of sensitive information. Proper data access protocols ensure that data is safe and can be available for multiple applications.

What is data integration?

Data integration is the combination of data from disparate sources that provides users with a consolidated view of the data across all sources. This ‘complete picture' of the data assists in measuring performance, identifying problems, and managing operations. Outside of industrial applications, medical data can also be integrated to assists doctors in managing patient care as well as managing public health risks and information.

What is data quality?

Data quality is the condition of data depending on its level of accuracy, integrity, consistency, pertinence, and reliability. Data quality is important because it is used to make critical decisions that may directly affect the organization, so this information must be trustworthy.

What is data governance?

Data governance is the process of ensuring the quality, documentation, and security of the data used by a business or organization remains optimal to maintain the effectiveness of strategic decisions made based on the data. Data governance determines who can act on what data in certain situations.

What is metadata?

Metadata is a set of data that gives information about other data. Metadata can provide a summary of data and makes finding and working with data easier. Metadata also discloses how the data is structured so that the end-user has a complete understanding of the data, avoiding detrimental misunderstandings.

What is data preparation?

Data preparation is the act of transforming raw data into information that is easily understood and analyzed by the end-user. Data preparation can produce better quality data, fix errors, and contribute to more profitable business decisions by eliminating outliers or other irrelevant data.

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