Smart Systems

Our customers have both legacy and modern control systems. The biggest challenge they face is knowing how to maintain the life cycle of a control system. InCentrik's System Reliability Program can extend the life of any system, therefore saving substantial capital investments. InCentrik implements and supports a variety of proven technologies. Our rapid implementation and deployment of control applications leverage best-in-class engineering practices and control philosophies to keep projects on budget and commissioned on time.

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Smart Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a backbone for data-driven decision in the manufacturing environment. By applying statistics and baselines, we can predict when our customers' assets drift outside the acceptable threshold and report at a moments notice what action should be taken. InCentrik's Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have developed powerful analytics around the industry's most challenging processes. Most companies react to what has happened and cannot see what's coming at them. Smart Analytics gives our customers a 360 degree predictive view of their process. By applying multiple layers of analytics, our customers can sustain a higher level of reliability.

Smart Insight

Every business decision should be based on the facts, not just intuition. Smart Insight gives our customers a personalized dashboard of information they need when they need it and provides a single version of the truth. It gives each stakeholder a collaborative environment to work together to make better decisions. We transform big data into smart information!

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