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Waste Water Pump Station Monitoring


Customer is a water and sewage utility in the Australian region



Sewerage systems block, clog, overflow, and send untreated waste into an estuary used for commercial oyster cultivation.

Limited data from sewerage system has historically made blockage detection challenging and dependent on local residents calling water utility.

Goal is to detect events without installing extensive new sensor networks throughout the entire sewerage system network.


Develop a standard weekly usage profile for each pump out station using reference profile.

Utilize asset modeling to take the single model and create a unique usage shape for each individual pump station.

Monitor all pumping stations for large deviations from “normal” profiles. Integrated with notifications to send alerts to operations center.


Fast deployment (in less than 1 month) giving improved early detection of blockages. Additional capital investment deferred.

Seeq model and notifications identify abnormal conditions in real-time (Multiple network operating anomalies successfully detected).

Engineers can tune the model easily. Rich data context for abnormal events.


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