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Through cross-sectoral partnerships, we can develop and navigate your digital roadmap. We align your business needs with the right technology to build the perfect solution for maximizing operational efficiencies.

Journey to Bridge the Gap

Seamlessly Implement Industry 4.0 with InCentrik’s Solutions


InCentrik brings the best in-class experts, processes, and technology to the table by understanding your business, providing customized solutions, and mapping out the next steps to accomplish your company goals.

  • Analyze


    Our team is dedicated to understanding your current state of operations, Voice of Customer (VOC), and ideal state for your business. We accomplish this by engaging a team of versatile experts across multiple disciplines.


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    We thoroughly track and compile a needs analysis of your current process to ensure we’re gathering all the necessary data surrounding your business operations and procedures.


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    We identify the gaps between your current process vs ideal state to validate the VOC by analyzing our findings.




  • Design

    Solution Design

    Our engineers develop and implement enterprise-level solutions to effectively unify OT and IT. We design a future state for your company that is accepted cross-functionally and bridges the gap for your operational processes.


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    Validate & Refresh

    After implementation, we continually verify the new process to ensure quality standards meet your business needs, maintain managed services, and monitor health checks for system performance and continuous improvement.

Plan your digital transformation

We envision a world where economic growth supports environmental sustainability, with better living standards for everyone.

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Trusted Partners

InCentrik works closely with industry partners to leverage industry experience and world class technologies to deliver increased value to our mutual clients.

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InCentrik works closely with industry partners

Inspiring Industries to Shape the Future

We work with our customers to drive sustainable success.

Transition from Preventative to Predictive Maintenance

Do you maximize your raw data to empower your business decisions and maximize ROI?

Having a "Visual At A Glance" data approach enables predictive maintenance and drives organizations to make better data driven decisions.

Waste Water Pump Station Monitoring

Develop a standard weekly usage profile for each pump out station using reference profile. Monitor all pumping stations for large deviations from “normal” profiles. Integrated with notifications to send alerts to operations center.


Seeq for Operators

Create conditions for the production runs of product grades. Easily navigate to past production runs to find past production settings. View the relationship between the production settings and key process KPIs, like quality or production rate.


Factory of the Future

Today’s Industry 4.0-outfitted factories are empowered to drive productivity and keep costs down while ensuring quality and consistency across manufacturing processes globally.

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A single data structure designed to help business workflows, normal day-to-day structured processes, and add additional context to operational data.

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