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PI System Monitoring with PI MD

PI System Monitoring with PI MD

With PIMD, administrators can monitor their PI System with an easy-to-use web interface. This allows them to see how their system is performing and quickly troubleshoot any issues.

Let's dive into the details on how PIMD can enable manufacturers to get a complete picture of how their PI system is functioning and the benefits of using it.

  1. What is PIMD?
  2. PIMD and the PI system
  3. What does PIMD consist of?
  4. Benefits

Integrated Remote Operations Center (iROC)

What is PIMD?

PIMD is a system that helps administrators collect, organize and understand data from their infrastructure, PI system components and related business applications.

The PIMD system monitors the health of every aspect of the PI System, as well as maintaining computer health (disk space, memory use, processor time, etc.) for machines with PI System components installed. If any irregularities are found, notifications including details about the problem are sent by email.  System components can be monitored in cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.

Thanks to the immediate notifications, administrators can quickly identify errors and solve them.

PIMD and the PI system

PIMD is based on off-the-shelf components of the OSISoft PI system. This means that administrators do not need to purchase any additional licenses to manage the system. All diagnostic data is organized within the PI AF Database.

The structure is divided into key areas reflected in PI Vision visualizations. As part of the AF Structure, analyses and event frames are configured, which give administrators a broader picture of their system functioning.

Additionally, as part of the AF model a set of configurable PI notifications about alarm events and anomalies are prepared.

PIMD can be deployed onto the customer's existing PI system.

PI system | InCentrik

What does PIMD consist of?

The system consists of four main areas:

PI System Monitoring

This involves the acquisition and monitoring of diagnostic data from components and services.

Monitoring of PI-related infrastructure

Similarly, this area involves the acquisition and monitoring of diagnostic data from servers and network infrastructure.

Monitoring of PI-related applications

PI also consists of the acquisition and monitoring of diagnostic data of business applications such as reporting system, and data warehouse.


Lastly, PIMD consists of monitoring of connections to a system with a division into technologies and methods of authentication.


With PIMD, administrators can:

  1. Understand how many PI Tags are used
  2. Identify which system components are not working properly
  3. Note why there is missing data in reports
  4. Understand why hardware resources should be increased
  5. Recognize if the interface is adding correct data to the system
  6. Instantly verify production dataflow
  7. Identify the number of analyses that are configured incorrectly
  8. Understand why PI Data Archive may have an increased response time

Track and analyze your control PI System today

Contact us to learn more how InCentrik and PIMD can help you PIMD, administrators can monitor their PI System with an easy-to-use web interface.

InCentrik's iROC (Integrated Remote Operations Center)? 

iROC (Integrated Remote Operations Center) is a centralized location from which an organization can remotely manage and monitor its critical operations in real-time. iROC allows organizations to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve security by consolidating multiple remote operations into a view.

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