SmartHub + Microsoft Teams

Integrated, Not Separated

Not ‘Another System’ to Learn

It can be difficult to constantly learn and integrate whole new systems into the ones you already use, SmartHub works with Microsoft Teams so you can jump in and use it without having to figure things out as you go.

Smarthub and microsoft teams - integrated platform

Get the Most Out of MS Teams

SmartHub works inside of Teams independently to give you the most comprehensive, simple, and efficient utilization of MS Teams, connecting SmartHub’s power to Teams’ communication.

Teams can serve as an epicenter for your business’ documents and forms, allowing access to what you need when you need it.

Instant Organizational Collaboration

Since you don’t have to worry about switching between programs, you can increase the efficiency of collaboration through Teams because SmartHub works within Teams as an integrated application.

This allows your team’s core processes to be intertwined with everyday correspondence, optimizing operational workflow.

Integrated into Every Aspect of Work

SmartHub seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to serve your operations in as many ways as possible.

Being able to adapt, integrate, and understand the tools and technology that power your business’s operations allows you to modify and pivot to maintain optimal efficiency.

Best of all, integration is smooth and familiar because these are tools you already use, like Powerpoint, Excel, etc.


Swift Navigation

By incorporating SmartHub into MS Teams, your employees stay focused on the task at hand by keeping their tools handy, removing the need to exit a platform to find what they need while leveraging data in multiple platforms.

Increased Productivity

Manually completed tasks are easier to execute and bottlenecks are easier to avert by making data readily available, boosting your organization’s productivity.

Collaborative Opportunities

The ease of communication creates better opportunities to work in collaboration across your team to get more insight from colleagues with data and analytics from shared apps.

Centralized Home For Your Tools

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to access all of your business’ tools in one place, so there’s no need to hold on to legacy solutions that haven’t keep up with your growth or slow you down.

Instant Distribution

Design and create solutions that can be deployed immediately for your organization to use, no more waiting for IT to design and build tools to solve your problems.

Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

Bridge the gap between business strategy with operational workflow

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