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AVEVA PI System Empowers the Mining Industry to Reduce Costs and Enhance ROI

AVEVA PI System Empowers the Mining Industry to Reduce Costs and Enhance ROI

AVEVA is making an indelible mark on the mining industry, earning recognition from Fastmarkets as the Technology/IT Provider of the Year for 2021. This honor followed AVEVA's acquisition of OSIsoft, incorporating the renowned PI System into its diverse offerings.

Mining companies are now turning to AVEVA’s industrial digital solutions, integrating machine learning and AI technologies, to unlock new avenues of growth and efficiency.

  1. Unlocking Efficiency And Profitability: Five Transformative Strategies For Mining Operations With AVEVA
  2. Where Do Mining Companies Find Value?
  3. How Can Data Serve To Increase Value In These Areas Across A Mining Organization?

Integrated Remote Operations Center (iROC)

Interestingly, 9 of the top 10 mining companies from Fortune’s Global 500 utilize the AVEVA PI System for their intricate data management needs.

With favorable commodity prices in 2021, many mining companies found increased capital at their disposal, leading to significant investment in digital transformation. This shift has resulted in the mining sector achieving digital maturity at an unprecedented pace, thus boosting efficiency and profitability.

Martin Provencher, former AVEVA Global Industry Principal for Mining, Metals, and Materials, played a key role in facilitating these digital transitions, affirming that modernizing operational infrastructure is more vital than ever for mining companies.

He stated:

“In the last two years, I’ve seen the steel industry struggle most with asset reliability for critical assets, such as the furnaces, continuous casters, rolling mills, and even the transformers, which creates inefficiencies that increase costs and eat away at profits.

Unlocking Efficiency and Profitability: Five Transformative Strategies for Mining Operations with AVEVA

Leveraging his extensive experience, Martin identifies five critical ways that AVEVA’s products help mining companies minimize costs and enhance ROI:

1. Energy Management and Efficiency

Mining operations are energy-intensive. Maximizing energy utilization is paramount for mining companies seeking to cut costs. Real-time data from AVEVA enables managers to enhance energy efficiency, reducing unnecessary expenses and aiding compliance with upcoming sustainability regulations.

2. Enhanced Asset Reliability

Unnecessary scheduled maintenance can lead to added costs. AVEVA's system offers real-time insights into asset health, enabling timely maintenance, thereby saving both time and money. Liberty Ostrava and China Steel Group have demonstrated significant improvements in this area through AVEVA's solutions.

3. Real-Time Operations Data for Situational Awareness

AVEVA's PI System can dramatically improve yield, cost cycle time, and equipment protection by providing a unified view of operations. Essar Steel Algoma, a company in the mining and metals sector, saw a 140,000-ton production increase, cutting delays by up to 5%.

4. Cost Savings and ROI Enhancement

Mining companies aim for optimal extraction at the least possible cost. Monitoring assets in real-time can significantly bring down operating costs. Companies like ArcelorMittal Dofasco have saved millions through digital transformation, leading to tangible ROI.

5. Leveraging Predictive Analytics

AVEVA's predictive analytics integrate advanced tools for actionable insights, allowing early detection of equipment issues. This method increases equipment uptime by 10-20% and cuts maintenance costs by 5-10%.

Where do mining companies find value?

As industries increasingly lean into the digital era, the mining sector is uncovering unique opportunities for growth, efficiency, and sustainability. The value derived from implementing AVEVA's solutions can be realized across several critical domains:

Production Improvements & Optimization:

Through robust data collection, advanced analytics, and real-time visualization,  AVEVA empowers mining companies to elevate their production levels and streamline operations, ensuring that resources are allocated where they make the most impact through data-driven decisions.

HSE Compliance Improvements:

Compliance with Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) regulations is non-negotiable in the mining industry. Several operational and engineering applications within the AVEVA's portfolio enable adherence to these standards through rigorous tracking, reporting, and training, fostering a culture of safety, responsibility, and accountability.

Utilities & Consumables Monitoring & Optimization:

Mining operations can optimize their energy consumption using the AVEVA PI System by implementing a range of strategies and leveraging the platform's capabilities. The PI System enables mining companies to analyze real-time data to identify areas of energy inefficiency, including equipment running at suboptimal levels, unnecessary energy consumption during idle periods, or inefficient unit processes.

Asset Health & Performance Improvements:

Keeping critical machinery in peak operating condition is essential for uninterrupted production. Implementing predictive analytics using the AVEVA PI System to monitor the health and performance of critical equipment can help prevent unexpected breakdowns, reducing the need for emergency repairs,  averting unexpected failures, enhancing performance, and extending the lifespan of equipment.

Product Quality Monitoring & Reporting:

Quality control is paramount for maintaining the integrity and reputation of mining products, and maximizing recovery rates are paramount for successful process operation. Mining operations can analyze the variability in the mineral processing workflow using data from the AVEVA PI System and gain a better understanding of unit operations and minimize process variability to more achieve consistent and predictable recovery outcomes.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Monitoring & Improvement + Reporting/Communication:

Success in the competitive mining landscape hinges on continuous improvement. Monitoring production KPIs in real time through the AVEVA PI System allows mining companies to set, track, and achieve their goals via data-driven decisions. These efforts coupled with transparent reporting and communication tools can keep all stakeholders aligned and informed across all facets of the organization.

How Can Data Serve to Increase Value in These Areas Across a Mining Organization?

Data plays an indispensable role in modern mining operations, acting as a catalyst to drive value in various facets of an organization. The AVEVA PI System is a comprehensive software platform designed for real-time data management, analytics, and visualization in an industrial setting. Mining companies can derive significant value from the AVEVA PI System in several ways:

  1. Data Integration - AVEVA PI System enables mining companies to integrate data from various sources, such as sensors, equipment, and other systems, into a unified platform. This helps in creating a comprehensive view of operations.
  1. Real-Time Monitoring - The PI System allows real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) in mining operations. This helps in identifying and addressing issues promptly, optimizing processes, and improving overall efficiency.
  1. Predictive Analytics - By leveraging historical data and advanced analytics tools within the AVEVA PI System, mining companies can implement predictive maintenance strategies. Predictive analytics helps anticipate equipment failures, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  1. Operational Intelligence - AVEVA PI System provides tools for analyzing operational data, offering insights into production trends, process inefficiencies, and potential areas for improvement. This intelligence can be used to optimize workflows and increase productivity.
  1. Energy Management - Mining operations can benefit from AVEVA PI System's capabilities in energy management. By monitoring and analyzing energy consumption in real-time, companies can identify opportunities for energy savings and improve overall sustainability.
  1. Compliance and Reporting - AVEVA's PI platform assists mining companies in meeting regulatory requirements by providing accurate and auditable data. Automated reporting tools within the system simplify the process of generating compliance reports.
  1. Historical Data Analysis - AVEVA PI System stores historical data, allowing mining companies to analyze trends over time. This historical analysis can help in making informed decisions, optimizing processes, and identifying areas for continuous improvement.
  1. Remote Monitoring and Control - The AVEVA PI System supports remote monitoring and control of mining operations. This is particularly valuable for managing geographically dispersed mining sites, improving safety, and reducing the need for on-site personnel.
  1. Collaboration and Data Sharing - The platform facilitates collaboration by providing a centralized data repository that can be accessed by various stakeholders. This enhances communication and decision-making across different departments within the mining company.
  2. Scalability and Flexibility - The AVEVA PI System is scalable, allowing mining companies to expand their data infrastructure as operations grow. It also provides flexibility in adapting to changes in technology and business requirements.

Data supports cross-functional collaboration by breaking down silos, enhancing transparency, and encouraging innovation. It aligns the organization with industry standards and compliance requirements, ensuring that mining operations remain sustainable and responsible. Moreover, by effectively leveraging the AVEVA PI System, mining companies can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their overall performance.

Collaborating for Success: How InCentrik and AVEVA’s PI System Can Elevate Your Next Mining Project

In the intricate landscape of mining operations, achieving optimization and efficiency requires collaboration with technology leaders who possess the expertise and tools necessary to drive transformation. This is where the partnership between InCentrik and AVEVA comes into play.

InCentrik, an Endorsed AVEVA partner, leverages the AVEVA PI System to provide intelligent, data-driven solutions tailored for the mining industry.

Ready to take your mining operations to the next level with the combined expertise of InCentrik and AVEVA?

Our team of engineers and subject matter experts is eager to collaborate with you to create tailored solutions that align with your organization's unique goals and challenges. Don't hesitate to unlock the full potential of your mining operation.

Click the button below to contact us today, and let's start building a future of efficiency, innovation, and success. 

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