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Natural Language AI: InCentrik's Innovation Contest Insights

Natural Language AI: InCentrik's Innovation Contest Insights

In the spirit of innovation and growth, InCentrik recently hosted an internal challenge that explored the various ways our team members incorporated natural language AI into their work to supercharge their productivity.

 This groundbreaking competition focused on three critical use scenarios:

  1. Amplifying the writing process
  2. Empowering coding
  3. Redefining web search capabilities.

This blog post illuminates the key takeaways and insightful lessons learned from the contest while concurrently addressing the importance of AI safety.

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Key Discoveries

Elevating Writing:

Our enthusiastic team members utilized AI as a springboard for their writing assignments, transforming the process into a more interactive and engaging experience. One contestant revealed that commencing with AI was far less daunting than staring down the void of a blank page. One of the writing themes chosen tackled a significant yet often awkward topic, showcasing AI's proficiency in managing sensitive material.

Coding Empowerment:

AI found its place in aiding with coding tasks, including but not limited to Excel, Power Apps, and SQL. Our contest champion, Tim Leach, brilliantly illustrated how ChatGPT3.5 generated SQL commands and offered invaluable guidance as he navigated the language. This highlighted the untapped potential of AI in enhancing coding efficiency and fostering skill development.

Redefining Web Search:

The competition underscored the value of AI in sifting through complex information across an array of disciplines like general IT, PI, and process engineering technology. A noticeable discrepancy was observed in the factual quality of answers provided by ChatGPT3.5 and ChatGPT4 when it came to process engineering technology, particularly ethane steam cracking.

A Note on AI Safety

While the contest showcased the myriad benefits of natural language AI, it also cast a spotlight on some AI safety concerns. In certain scenarios, when ChatGPT was at a loss for an answer, it returned an incorrect response rather than acknowledging its limitation. This underlines the paramount importance of addressing AI safety, a field that focuses on aligning AI's objectives with our inherent human values.

For anyone interested in a deep dive into AI safety, we recommend the insightful book "Human Compatible" by Stuart Russell or the illuminating YouTube channel of Robert Miles.

The Takeaway: Empowering Innovation Through Responsible AI

Our innovative use case competition unveiled precious insights into how InCentrik team members are seamlessly integrating natural language AI into their everyday tasks to bolster productivity. However, it also underscored the necessity to address AI safety concerns to ensure the responsible and effective use of AI-driven solutions.

As AI technologies continue to evolve at a breakneck speed, understanding and addressing potential risks will be critical to fully leverage the potential of AI, enabling us to drive efficiency and foster innovation.

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