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Factory of The Future: Managing an Effective Business with SmartHub

Believe it our not, information technology now plays a major role everywhere. Today, major industries are becoming dependent, in large part, on information technology.

This approach of combining industry and the latest developments in technology – specifically information technology – is called Industry 4.0.  

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InCentriks expansion leads manufacturing into the digital age

As we continue to grow at InCentrik, we've added five highly qualified individuals to our team to ensure you the best experience with our smart applications. 

Meet superstars and see how their experience will benefit your company!

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SmartHub Shift: Maintain Operations While Protecting Against COVID-19

InCentrik is excited to introduce its latest productivity software, SmartHub Shift, which enables business to continue running effectively while protecting against COVID-19

Keep reading to discover how SmartHub Shift helps standardize, organize, and visualize your operations to create consistency and efficiency amongst your team!   

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SmartHub Enables Seamless Operations During Social Distancing

As companies are requiring employees to work from home, unfortunately, manufacturers face the reality that manufacturing requires employees to work on-site.

Learn how SmartHub can assist your manufacturing facility in operating safely during these difficult times.

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