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MES integration with sensor-based data in life sciences

In this podcast, APC (Advanced Process Control) test lead Barry Higgins at Johnson & Johnson provides  updates on a presentation he gave in 2012 that has remained one of the most popular of OSISoft's customer stories.

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Barry Higgins describes integration of their MES (Manufacturing Execution System) with their sensor-based data in the PI System, the resulting improvement in warehouse to manufacturing visibility, and the mountain of paperwork they eliminated. 


About Barry Higgins

Barry Higgins is based out of Ireland and works at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies Of Johnson & Johnson as Execution Systems Data Lead.  He specializes in: Industry 4.0 capabilities and technologies, 5G MPN in Manufacturing, Azure IOT platform, OSI PI system configuration, maintenance, development, Batch execution,  MES - MBR authoring, Interface development with Control and Historian systems.

About Petter Mörée

OSIsoft life sciences industry principal Petter Mörée joins this conversation to give his feedback.

Petter Mörée is Seeq's Managing Director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).  Mörée

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